Monday, 26 August 2013

Pool Party in Cannes - Hotel 3.14 Rooftop!

Something I have seen and heard about quite a bit this summer in Cannes is the Hotel 3.14 Pool Party. It often flashes up on my Facebook and I always catch a glance of the 3.14 private beach along the Croisette. I also like their website - it has a gnome in a plane that flies about on the corner of the screen, it's cute!

The 3.14 Hotel Cannes Pool Party hosted by Nonchalance
3.14 Pool Party hosted by Nonchalance
Anyway, we decided we should check out all the hype! It's the end of the summer but there is still some fun to be had - we had friends/family visiting so thought that as a large group we should grab a table and join in. All I can say, is it was so worth it. And split between the group not extortionately expensive, but then again it's Cannes and we could have been made to pay a lot more.
Me and the giant mojito at the 3.14 Hotel Cannes Pool Party
Me and my Mojito
Obviously pool party = lots of people, sunshine and fun... and some alcohol thrown in as well. We enjoyed a big mojito between us all, with some impressively long (pink) straws. They just meant that it took a while until you actually managed to get the cocktail far enough up the straw in order to drink it. Our bottle of vodka was pretty big too... can't say I encourage drinking vodka in the daytime but at least we weren't the only ones.
The boys sipping on the giant mojito at the 3.14 Pool Party
Charles, Ed, Tom and Ben enjoying the drink
So the best thing about the pool at the 3.14, is that it's on the rooftop, so it really is a gorgeous view. Set just a block back from the Croisette, the view of the sea and beach is framed by the side of the Carlton hotel, and it was worth going up there just to see it all from a different angle.
Enjoying the view out to sea from the 3.14 rooftop pool, Cannes
Posing for obligatory photos!
Charlotte, Ed and Charles on the 3.14 Hotel Cannes rooftop
Cheeky instagram
The music was pumping, well a bit slow to start with but then all parties have to start somewhere don't they? It got busier and busier as they started letting the 'riff-raff' (aka the general public who aren't paying for tables!) in. We danced, we swam, we drank a little, the boys lost their sunglasses in the pool on more than one occasion (time to dive and find them). The boys went flirting, I pretended I could speak Italian... again, using my favourite phrase explaining that I am sorry I can't speak Italian, I am British. Not sure how well that comment went down especially as Ed was next to me happily chatting away in Italian. I wish I had taken it for GCSE! The guys loved the girls there, so that kept them happy and I just danced the day away.
The 3.14 Hotel Cannes Rooftop Pool and terrace
Playing in the pool
Would I go again? Definitely. Unfortunately that was the last one of the summer... can I come back to Cannes next year please?

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