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My 21st Birthday - Cannes Style! Part 2

My 21st Birthday Part 1

21 Today written in sand
One of my gifts from my cousin!
So, the morning of involved a pretty boring bowl of cereal (they had finished off the nice red berries one during the week when I had been in the office), but a nice pile of envelopes and one wrapped up present - bringing cards among all the camping stuff was far easier for them! So Katie and I are going to New York in September (I can't wait!) so when most people were questioning what I might like for my birthday, I did suggest money for the shopping opportunity that the Big Apple presents! As you may have guessed, I'm a bit of a baking fanatic, so the wrapped up present I did receive was full of baking goodies; a pink silicone spatula, ceramic teaspoon measures, a pink egg timer and a cute pink apron - people know me too well! Katie also gave me a new purse (needed, given that mine was stolen in July...). My main present I don't have yet, but I know what it is!
Pictures of KitchenAid, Raspberry Ice
How I have received my present so far...
You'd think that when your parents ask what you would like for your birthday and you say something slightly outrageous in a semi-joking semi-serious matter, that it's not going to happen. So the first time my mum asked me, I told her I wanted a KitchenAid. She has been dead-set against me getting one for the past however long, saying it was a waste of money. The second time, I mentioned I would quite like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote - that was joking even more. (Though in Charles' words, most mums would decide the handbag to be the better idea; my family thought better of this!) I am now the proud owner of a beautiful pink KitchenAid and can't wait to get my hands on it. The way it was given to me was in a series of photographs in an envelope - as soon as I saw all the writing on the sticker on the box I was screaming with delight. I have already told them to fill the cupboards with baking ingredients for when I get back on the 5th September!

Hot diamonds pearl necklace
My lovely diamond and pearl necklace
We took a family trip in the car down to Cannes, dropped Katie and me off at my flat so I could tidy myself up for my birthday lunch, while my parents went to go and discover the hotel that they had booked for the night. The boys greeted me with a decorated flat with pink and purple balloons and a birthday banner and a gorgeous diamond and pearl necklace - change from wearing the Tiffany & Co. one that I got for my 18th!
Chris and Sarah at Vegaluna, Cannes
Chris & Sarah
My dad and my nanna at Vegaluna, Cannes
Dad & Nanna
My sister, cousin and myself at Vegaluna, Cannes
Alice, Katie and Me
The lunch at Vegaluna was well carried out - all our orders had been done in advance so they were ready to go once we got there. I got a few more lovely gifts from those that I hadn't yet seen that morning, and the lunch started off with some bubbly for a toast. Impressively enough, my dad was quite polite about me and didn't go for the embarrassing tactic - to be fair I wouldn't have minded if he did!
Assiette Luna, Vegaluna, Cannes
My starter - Assiette Luna
Black Tiger Prawns, Vegaluna, Cannes
Black Tiger Prawns
Salade Caraibe, Vegaluna, Cannes
Caribbean salad with Florida crab
Mi-cuit de thon with noodles, Vegaluna, Cannes
Mi-cuit de thon
Lunch started with an apéritif; crab and avocado with cute breadsticks sticking out. I had chosen the Assiette Luna as a starter, which is always popular, especially when you ask anyone who works in our office about it! Salmon marinated in dill, red tuna sashimi and sea bream tartare with a fresh salad in the middle. My main course was mi-cuit de thon (semi-cooked tuna just doesn't have the same ring to it) with noodles. Pudding (of course) was mille-feuille with strawberries, raspberries and sparklers - the latter was not edible! Washed along with some rosé, it all went down quite well.
Birthday mille-feuille with sparklers at Vegaluna, Cannes.
Enjoying my sparklers

'Les enfants' were also kept entertained!
My 21st Birthday Part 3!

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