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A Guide to Cannes Part 4: Nightlife and Clubs in Cannes

So, down to the juicy stuff. I've written about my favourite bars and beaches, but where in Cannes do you go if you really want to party? You can probably find the majority of this on Google, but it helps to give them a bit more description!

I wrote about B.Pub as one of the best bars, and it does then turn itself in to a club. However, B.Pub isn't open all night, so when it closes head on to Bâoli!
Head to Baoli Cannes in the new port for a club like no other!
Baoli: exterior
Not the easiest of places to get in to on a Saturday night during the summer, or a Wednesday night when Avicii is there, the bouncers at Bâoli will only let you in of you are going to flash the cash. Magnums of Cristal and Dom Perignon are standard here, as is Belvedere vodka. Most nights however, Bâoli is free entry, but if you're there in the winter, save it for a Saturday night, even Friday nights there out of season can be quite empty. (We discovered this the hard way, but enjoyed rocking the dance floor all by ourselves!) Bâoli is right on the edge of the new port in Cannes, Port Canto, which isn't always walking distance depending on where you're staying... It's a small club inside, with girls in fancy dress dancing away on the small podiums, and just like B.Pub, the bar is on fire! The air canisters are great for cooling off when you've spent too much time dancing, but if you want to rest your ears head outside to the garden where there are plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy the warm summer evenings/nights/mornings!
Baoli Cannes Nightclubs Nightlife. Baoli logo
The Baoli Logo - Nowadays I'd recognise it anywhere!
The music at Bâoli is mostly a beat, which really kicks off at about 3am, so you might be lagging and considering snuggling up in bed and then the music changes and it is no longer an option. Expect men playing bongo drums in time to the beat and €16 for a spirit and a mixer. Remember, they don't really do measures in France, so it's likely to be a strong one. Also, don't be shocked if they check out your girl:boy ratio at the door, favouring girls is just something I have come to expect in Cannes.
Gotha Cannes Palm Beach Club Casino
Put on your dancing shoes at GOTHA
GOTHA marks it's territory each summer in Palm Beach Casino. They have acts every night, some you'll know, some you really won't... Last summer they did free entry every night, but this year it was a bit different. With entry from €25 (Nicky Romero, so worth it) to €50 and beyond (Akon was worth it though I hear!) you enter GOTHA up on the terrace/tented area, which is great for a few drinks and mingling wrote the acts kick off. Head inside, and it's a completely different story. As the night goes on, the dance floor gets busier and busier. VIPs line the left and right wall, and anyone paying standard entry still can get right up to the DJ booth with a bit of darting between the crowds. Expect girls on podiums on very skimpy outfits dancing the night away and some amazing music. Also expect your ears to be ringing like you have never experienced before! With similar drink prices to Bâoli, the bouncers can be just as fussy - get your heels on girls, it's not worth wearing flats!
Les Marches Club Cannes
Les Marches
Les Marches Terrace. Garden Party venue
On Les Marches Terrace. Above the Casino
I think my favourite club in Cannes has to be Les Marches. It's not as snobby, just as fun and slightly easier on your purse. Entrance currently costs €14, the same price as a drink, and you get a drink ticket with that too, so you're just guaranteeing them that you will buy at least one drink! They like to play the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show behind the bar, so if it's busy there's a show to watch while you wait to be served. The music is pretty standard of most mainstream clubs, so you'll be able to song along. They do play some funny europop as well, but I have been here long enough to embrace it and join in with a spot of salsa dancing; something I will probably not be able to get away with in Nottingham. Back in January we saw Fatman Scoop at Les Marches which was definitely amazing, and no more expensive than normal. One of the best things about the club has to be its terrace. Every Thursday throughout the summer they host a themed garden party so most people spend the night out there. It's slightly calmer outside, the music isn't as loud and the view is amazing. It overlooks the Vieux Port and Le Suquet, so you can see all the luxury yachts in port at night. Especially when you get a prime view of our favourite Sunseeker Aqua Blue just outside the capitanerie. Les Marches has yet to displease!
Vodka Les Marches Cannes Club Nightlife
Lotty and I outside at Les Marches. Spot the yachts behind us?
Another option, if you have transport from Cannes (taxis are expensive and designated driver isn't always fun), is to hit Juan-Les-Pins for the night. The town, which is part of Antibes, has a younger atmosphere and is plenty of fun. Enjoy some cocktails in Pam Pam the amazing Caribbean themed rum & cocktail bar, and head on in to Kiss, the club just next door. Fun music, fun dancing, fewer creepy old men that I have now learnt to tolerate, it's a great night out. It's still quite a small club, and you will come out stinking of smoke (being near smokers didn't help that issue) but you won't want to leave at 5am, but when one of you has to work at midday we did need to. (For once, that wasn't me at the hotel!!)
Cocktails Pam Pam Juan Les Pins
Fun cocktails in Pam Pam - They even come in a barrel!
So if you're looking for the best of Cannes nightlife and Cannes clubs, those are my top picks. Expensive, prestigious, snobby, yes, but amazingly good fun as well. And making friends with people willing to buy you drinks and give you a lift home in a Maserati helps a bit. I will never think of the song 'Careless Whisper' without a revving engine again!

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