Saturday, 24 August 2013

My 21st Birthday - Cannes Style! Part 1

So, two weeks ago I turned 21. What better place to celebrate it than in Cannes, on the French Riviera? My family well-planned their camping holiday to stay in Camping des Gorges du Loup, so they were only the other side of Grasse to Cannes so easy access to me. Katie turned up a few days earlier than them by plane, there wasn't enough space for her to 'enjoy' the drive down in the car... the troubles with having a convertible!
Katie and I on the picnic blanket at the campsite
We even managed a cute sister picture!
So a visit from the family was well in need - I have only made it home for about 8 days since the 29th August last year, so am now very excited to head back, and I had last seen my mum and sister in May, and hadn't seen my dad since skiing in March - so we met them the first night they arrived on the Riviera and I enjoyed some quality time camping.
The pool at Camping des Gorges du Loup.
I hit the pool early on Friday morning!
As it was my 21st, obviously a few celebrations were in order. I've had the majority of my birthdays in France given it's slap-bang in the middle of August, so I'm used to it being a small family affair, but this year it was more of a big family & friends affair, and that was the part I was looking forward to. So to list all of the family, my aunt, uncle and two cousins came from Paris via Collioure to pick up my Nanna, and two of our family friends who are like second parents to me flew down as well, and I had all the boys from the office here too. So it turned in to more of a weekend-long celebration, which is always nice!
Friends and family at Camping Des Gorges du Loup
Unfortunately there were a few trees in the way!
Like a small child with a sparkler!
I took the Friday off and spent it sunbathing by the campsite pool, and on Friday evening we hosted a pizza party up at the campsite. A few bottles of wine, some pizza and salad, and some sparklers and a chocolate cake!
It was great to see everybody, the last time I saw my dad's side of the family was in February, and I hadn't seen Sarah and Chris since skiing in March for their son's 21st. Our camping neighbours were nice and didn't mind the noise, and let us borrow some chairs for all the extra guests. And who would have thought an air bed pump would be so entertaining? For a 20-month old baby it definitely was! The crowds left us to head back down to Cannes, but I wanted to wake up on my birthday with my family so spent the night in the tent.

My 21st Birthday Part 2

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