Monday, 18 November 2013

Crumpets for Breakfast

We decided to push the boat out for Sunday breakfast. Even if we did only finish breakfast at 12:30 so it was basically a very dragged out brunch... If you want to make crumpets, allow plenty of time for it!
Baking crumpets recipe - the result!
Our crumpets!
Hannah and I had had our eye on the recipe for a while, so I cracked out my Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best recipe book and we gave crumpets ago.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Pumpkin Pancakes from Scratch!

Firstly, long time no blog... my life is a bit too busy with uni to a) have time to blog b) have time to do anything really interesting to blog about!
This morning I finally made my long-awaited pumpkin pancakes, completely from scratch as I puréed the pumpkin myself. This is proof that we're not 'proper' students any more... Hannah and I spent too much money in Sainsbury's buying good food (decent wine included), and I think we were the first students ever to be buying pumpkins after Halloween. Ever!
Pumpkin Pancake Recipe
Pumpkin Pancakes!
So worth it though, for these beauties.

Here's how to start with your pumpkin purée...

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pretty Little Pancakes

So the other morning I woke up and had a craving for pancakes. Now I do love my crêpes, but you just can't recreate the same thing without a big hot stone and a window scraping implement like they do in France, so I normally just stick to Delia Smith's simple pancake recipe, and have relatively thin pancakes. (Even if I do deviate slightly from what Delia tells me to do!)
American style scotch pancakes
Freshly cooked breakfast
That morning though I wanted American style, scotch pancakes. Often these are made with buttermilk, I didn't have that hanging around in my fridge though so had to create a new sort of recipe from mixing some together, so here it is!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Warming Lunch - Leek and Potato Soup

I always find that lunch is a bit of a silly meal... I think that's why I prefer to go out for lunch rather than dinner, because then I won't have any issues choosing what to eat. I often end up reverting to simple things like pasta and pesto, cheese on toast or a plain salad.
Or, when winter comes, I love a bowl of hot soup. However, I'm a bit more fussy than 6 year old me nowadays and a time of Heinz tomato soup just doesn't quite cut it, so I end up paying more for fresh soup, like Covent Garden in their cute cartons. The best way to avoid that? Make it yourself! I generally do half measures of the recipe below, I'm low on Tupperware for freezing quantities!
Leek and Potato Soup Recipe
Homemade Leek & Potato Soup

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Happy Hour Cocktail Crawl!

Given that we now feel old at university, Sophie and I decided we should at least do something on Friday night, but couldn't handle 'a dip in the Ocean' so had our own, quieter night. We did still hit the town, just not quite as big, or as late, as everyone else would have done. Home by 10:30 was perfect!

We got our glad rags on, heels and makeup and hopped on the bus (the best transport around Nottingham when it's still early!) in to the city centre. We rocked up at Bad Juju Tiki Bar (twice in one week, and I said we don't go out much) for their happy hour. Unforutnately as it was Friday Mario Kart was replaced by a DJ set so we didn't get to try that out. I went for a raspberry daiquiri and Soph picked the ginger mojito, which turned out to have quite a kick and not because of the alcohol.