Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Guide to Cannes Part 1: Cafés in Cannes

Having lived in Cannes for almost a year (a week on Thursday to be exact), I feel like I know the place pretty well. So, I thought I'd write about some of my favourite places I have visited, generally on more than one occasion, this year. First up: cafés. Which can only mean... Le Grand Café.
Le Grand Café, Cannes. Always in the sunshine!
Le Grand Café - Always in the sunshine!
What I love about Le Grand Café is that it's popular all year round - it's not a tourist trap that is only busy during the summer. I've been going here throughout the year and even in January and February it was packed with all the locals and makes a great lunch destination; especially for the cute little old ladies who lunch! It's situated just across from Cannes Vieux Port, so you get a lovely view across to the yachts, even with a road in between. You can also watch the games of boules/pétanque going on in the open space between the café and the road, so can feel particularly French!
Lunch at Grand Café Cannes
Lunch time!
I wouldn't choose to go there for an evening meal - I think their menu so much better suited to lunches, and brunch as well. I'm a creature of habit, so will often go for the same meal at lunchtime. I often pick the salade de chèvre chaud or the carpaccio de saumon which comes with either chips or salad so you can pick and choose as to how healthy you're feeling!
Lunch time in the winter sun! Hot goats cheese salad and bruschetta with ham.
January Lunch: Goats cheese salad & Bruschetta
They also do a lovely café gourmand with a selection of small deserts including crème brulée, crème caramel, a little millefeuille and a scoop of spéculoos ice cream, and a cup of coffee - or in my case, as I don't like coffee, a hot chocolate instead. The menu has a range of salads, bruschetta, some pasta dishes, a few burgers and steak (just don't opt for bien cuit, the French don't understand that; I was always terrified when I was younger and they put plates down in front of me that were still bleeding!)
Café Gourmand in Cannes: Creme brulée, creme caramel, ice cream, strawberry tart & coffee
Some of the treats when you get a café gourmand
They also have happy hour from 5pm - 7pm, all cocktails are €5 and they do have a great cocktail list; my favourite has got to be the mojito framboise. We often head there for a drink or two after work, and they serve you a complimentary plate of aperitifs - which don't often last long with the boys around. Either some toasted baguette and tapenade (an olive 'spread' typical of Provence) or a plate of carrots & cucmber strips, mini chunks of pizza and something in some form of pastry! It's a lovely place to sit in the late afternoon sun and people watch.
A selection of cockatils in Cannes: Black Russian, Mojito, Sex on the Beach
Black Russian, Mojito, Sex on the Beach
All in all, I think Le Grand Café has to be my favourite café in Cannes; inexpensive, friendly staff, lovely lunches and fabulous cocktails. Oh, I forgot to mention - the colour scheme is pink!

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