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La Vie en Gateaux: Standing on a yacht in Moncao

I'm Charlotte and I'm a 22 year old French grad. I'm a country girl at heart (cue ponies and muddy walks in Hertfordshire). I'm also a bit of a yachty and a keen skier, two complete opposites but they go together quite well!

I'm such a foodie, even if what I make doesn't always turn out perfectly... the pictures I post are generally the good ones, which are the minority! I have a bright pink KitchenAid to help me on my baking way, and make cute cupcakes to give away to people. 'Cupcaking', as I call it, just makes me happy. My best form of procrastination when it comes to getting down and doing something is heading to the kitchen! 

I love all things pink, and am definitely a girly girl. Anything glittery and colourful is sure to catch my eye and I do live my life pretty much surrounded in pink!


  1. Hi Charlotte - I have just stumbled across your blog and would be very grateful for some advice!

    I am going to be working as a language assistant (British Council) in a college near Cannes but am not having much luck finding any accomodation. I have a premium membership with Appartager and have arranged a few viewings but nothing concrete yet. I fly out next week and was just wondering if you had any contacts/advice/info about potential landlords, or areas to live etc?

    I'd be really grateful for any advice!



    1. The email didn't send! Are there any typos in your email address? C

  2. Hi Serena,
    I'll send you an email with some more detail, but I would recommend appartager for sharing, or the likes of airbnb, homeaway, leboncoin etc if you want your own place- long term rentals mean the landlords will be flexible on price most of the time. Area depends on where you are working and how willing you are to walk/ train/bus there!

  3. new fan here... following with earnest *and learning from* your foodie stuffs - Cheers!


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