Sunday, 25 August 2013

My 21st Birthday - Cannes Style! Part 3

My 21st Birthday Part 2!
After sitting on the side of the beach at a table for long enough, we ventured along La Croisette to hit the real beach. (Via the hotel they were staying at to get bikinis etc.) and just lay around in the sunshine until about 8pm... when we decided we should probably head back to the flat and prepare for the onslaught of interns (just kidding, all the guys I work with!) arriving for the evening.
Burying Alice in the sand, with Thomas sitting on top.
We buried Alice... and sat Thomas on top of her!
We put some music on, had a few drinks - I downright refused when they tried to make me do tequila shots. If I say no, I mean no! I tried some of the concoction of drinks they made... completely ruined the malibu and coke that I had asked for (a flashback to the teenage years and what used to be my drink of choice - so sweet!). We then headed out to one of my favourite places to go out in Cannes, Les Marches. Be prepared to read more about this in my next guide to Cannes: Nightclubs! Overlooking the port, the terrace is lovely and the music is pretty awesome - if you enjoy everyday club music mixed in with some crazy European songs. I'll miss the random mixes when I'm back in Nottingham... I doubt they will play Ai Se Eu Te Pego in Crisis. Singing and dancing, Katie and I (the last ones standing) headed back to my comfy bed for the end of a lovely birthday.
Katie and I in the flat before heading out
In our glad rags!
On Sunday morning we met up with my parents, Chris and Sarah for breakfast, and decided to do one of the things I don't think I will ever get bored of: walking around the Old Port. And there were some pretty big boats out to play, along with Quite Essential which is a lovely burgundy purple colour, and so pretty to look at! At there was a Bugatti Veyron parked up too - though I still prefer Ferraris!
Quite Essential in the port of Cannes
Quite Essential in the port of Cannes
We had lunch at my favourite café, Le Grand Café and at least everyone else picked something new off the menu... of course I had the salmon carpaccio, and even went for the healthy option of salad as a side. Daddy had a foie gras burger (I can't believe I hadn't ever tried it before coming to Cannes, I'm definitely going to miss foie gras this winter), Chris chose the paella and Sarah had the Salade Royale - definitely an eyeful with foie gras, langoustine, scallops, prawns and smoked salmon. We also bumped in to Ed and Charles who had dragged themselves out of bed to go there for lunch and hit the cinema; you don't normally see them surface until well beyond lunchtime after a night out, I was impressed. We hit the beach again to top up our tans (mine still needs some work even though I live in Cannes!) and then waved our goodbyes to leave me to collapse in to bed.
Grand Café Foie Gras Burger
Foie Gras Burger
Grand Café Paella
Grand Café Salade Royale
Salade Royale
Grand Café Carpaccio de Saumon
Salmon Carpaccio

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