Monday, 23 September 2013

The Sunburnt Cow, New York

I've had issues with a broken computer and no internet since coming back from New York and moving back to uni, so I had to wait for all of that to be sorted so I could add some lovely photos!

Something that New York has a bit of a reputation for is the drunk brunch. Obviously we had to put it to the test! My issue with brunch is generally that I'm an early riser so want breakfast sooner rather than later, but this time I held out for long enough! Having spoken to a few people and a bit of searching for places to brunch on Google, our destination of choice was The Sunburnt Cow.
The Sunburnt Cow New York
Clearly a popular place!
Located in the East Village, Alphabet City to be precise, The Sunburnt Cow is still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy and currently only opens at the weekend. It's not really a sight to see, unlike other restaurants (brunch at The Standard is supposed to be great, but we only went for evening drinks) and Katie and I did actually walk right past The Sunburnt Cow to start with, but then we realised why there were a fair few people hanging around outside. You have to know it's there to know it's there! As a popular boozy brunch, it was very busy and our names were put on the waiting list, so we just sat on the steps outside in the sunshine. It did keep getting a bit cold when the clouds came over, and apparently NYC is now in full autumn swing and the jumpers are out!
TheSunburnt Cow New York Menu
The menus
We waited for about half an hour, an were taken to a table at the back, outside. For eating this was pretty good, as inside it was quite dark and noisy, in full bar flow by midday. The menu is simple; a selection of dishes for $18, and a selection for $23, no substitutions or changes allowed when you place your order. Your food comes with unlimited mimosas, bloody marys, screwdrivers and a couple of other simple cocktails, and you can pick and choose between whichever of those you would like. We stuck to the 'moomosas' and they just continually topped up our glasses from a jug that was also constantly being refilled.
New York Boozy Brunch The Sunburnt Cow
The Queen Adelaide
So people don't really go there for the food... Katie is clearly a fan of steak sandwiches so chose that after being told that the oven wasn't working do she couldn't have pancakes, and I had the Queen Adelaide - poached egg, avocado and salmon on a toasted muffin. With chips.
The Sunburnt Cow New York
Katie and the food
The Sunburnt Cow is staffed by lots of very friendly Australians - I'd like to know how they find them all! They were all a very happy bunch, ready to have a chat, asked what we were doing in New York, checking that the reason we looked so alike is that we are sisters... really friendly chitchat.
The Sunburnt Cow New York Bar
The bar in full swing
They work on 2 hour sittings, so when our time was up, so to speak, they didn't rush us out, just told us to head on in to the bar and get another refill. We couldn't refuse that offer now could we? Katie and I stayed at the bar for quite a while, they happily gave us more than one refill. How they are keeping the place running I don't know!
FroYo at 16 Handles New York City
A lot of chocolate..!
After brunch, we decided to make our way across the city to continue our quest for eating food. We stopped off at 16 Handles for self-serve FroYo, and were both a bit heavy handed in choosing toppings, so hit ourselves with an extreme sugar rush, ready to continue our day and continue the fun in New York.

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