Monday, 9 September 2013

The Breakfast Club & Rugby

So, my sister is on her company's touch rugby team, and they had spare tickets for the Aviva Premiership London Double Header at Twickenham. Hardcore Saracens supporters that we are in our family, I was definitely there!

I got the train in to London to meet Katie (I still haven't quite got my head round the fact that she does live there now... I must have been in France for too long!), and we went for brunch at The Breakfast Club in Battersea Rise. This is the first time I have ventured here, though Katie sings its praises. This particular Breakfast Club is influence by a '50s style kitchen along with a launderette - I was sitting with washing machines behind me!
The Breakfast Club, Battersea Rise
Me and my washing machines
We both chose the Elvis to drink - a peanut butter, banana and ice cream milkshake. To quote my sister... 'isn't it great when the first thing you have to eat all day is ice cream?!'. So worth it though, I'm still waiting for pancakes and ice cream for breakfast at some point soon. I chose the apple & cinnamon french toast, and Katie had the Boston Beans minus eggs, plus mushrooms. We're low on pictures of the day as neither of us had a camera, I'm using my retro pink Samsung U600 until tomorrow and Katie's Blackberry isn't too sharp either.
Elvis Breakfast Club Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake
The Elvis

After brunch, we took a spin down Northcote road, which has a lovely high street charm about it and Katie says it reminds her of home - the shops and atmosphere are calm and casual, nobody was rushing around like mad men.
Apple & Cinnamon French Toast The Breakfast Club
The bread was really thick cut :)
Boston Beans The Breakfast Club
Boston Beans
We hopped on a special rugby train, and made our way to Twickenham, stopping briefly on our walk to the stadium to eye up the South African BBQ which is always on the street (though we were too full from brunch!) and I had a good look at the police horses, they're so cute!
Twickenham London Double Header 2013
Hello Twickers!
The first match was Saracens vs. London Irish - unfortunately it was a home match for the latter, so no singing along to Stand Up (For The Saracens)... In all honesty, it was quite a dull match, but we won 42-20 and got a bonus point, so a good start to the season.
Settling in to watch the second match, Wasps vs. Harlequins, we thought we were in for some good action. And we were... for the first minute and Wasps scored after about 50 seconds, but then it got a bit dull again... until the last minute! Another try from Wasps, bringing the score to 15-16, and all they needed to do was convert it and then they would have won with 17 points. So it was all left on Andy Goode - not always a good idea - and he is not a favourite in our family, so Katie and I were hoping that he would miss. In the words of Katie 'I hate Wasps, but not quite as much as I hate Leicester', so you can understand that we don't love them. So, guess what happened? The ball rebounded off the posts - and that's often a half time game for a supporter to win money if they do that - and was not converted. We couldn't decide if we were happier that Saracens won or that Wasps lost!

Also, Strictly Come Dancing is back on. I snuggled up to watch that with my mum when I got home! And I'm almost back in the current day of telephones... I shall be reunited with an iPhone tomorrow!

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  1. Being in the US, I know practically nothing about rugby. But Dancing with the Stars (our version of Strictly Come Dancing) is my guilty pleasure. I can't wait for it to come back on soon!


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