Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New York - Keeping The Standard High at Le Bain

It was a Saturday, so obviously drinks were a must! The Standard High Line is a much talked-about hotel right on the High Line in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. It's well known for its brunches, but what we wanted was the view!
The Standard High Line New York

So, we went to join the queue for Le Bain, the penthouse disco and rooftop bar in The Standard. I also just read that in the summer the disco has a plunge pool in the middle of the dance floor. Amazing!
We took the lift up to the not quite top floor, and were in awe of the view out from the disco. Amelia had told us that the bathrooms in Le Bain were also amazing, so with a trip to the toilet the full length windows give you a view of the Empire State Building, it was quite a nice place to be washing your hands.
The Standard Empire State Building View
Where better to wash your hands?!
We went up to the rooftop bar, which has artificial grass and a really cute crêperie. No crêpes were bought, even though we were tempted. I just didn't think they would beat 'Aux meilleures Crêpes de Paris', located on Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, just by Grands Boulevards Metro station where I agree with the name, and would tell anyone to go there when they are in Paris as they are the best around! There are also binoculars so you can gaze across the view, and don't have to be touristy and pay anything in order to use them. The light was shining right on One World Trade Center as we came up, and the pinky-orange hue of the sky was beautiful.
Le Bain Rooftop Bar New York The Standard
A rooftop garden in all the skyscrapers
Le Bain Rooftop Bar New York at The Standard
A fantastic view down to Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty
I need to admit, it got a bit chilly as soon as the sun went in. We were dressed for the daytime, which had been rather warm, but when you are however many floors high and the wind picks up, it is cold. We joined the queue for the bar, it wasn't long, and they just hadn't opened the bar downstairs yet.
Le Bain at The Standard Drinks Menu
They definitely had a good champagne list!
The drinks menu was displayed in a really cute way; a chalkboard. It was a toss up between mojitos and champagne for both of us. Hello? A glass of Moët & Chandon Brut for $18... I'm not sure it was worth even considering the mojito. Especially when a glass of Château Minuty rosé was selling for the same price as the champagne. Clearly it's more expensive across the Atlantic than it is in Cannes, where a bottle in a restaurant there is around €30.
Champagne at Le Bain, The Standard
Cheeky champagne Instagram
Le Bain was a beautiful place to enjoy drinks, we settled ourselves down on the pink cushions, curled up to keep warm, and enjoyed the sunset over the skyline. A fabulous Saturday evening drinks location. Where can I find one in Nottingham?!
Drinks at sunset at Le Bain, The Standard, New York
Snuggled up with our champagne

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