Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Back to Nottingham - #FinalYear!

So I moved back up to Nottingham a couple of days ago for my fourth and final year. So far, all I have wanted to do is annotate everything with #Notts #UoN #FinalYear ... having been away from uni for so long, it's surreal to be back. I was going through the list of meetings and talks I have to go to this week before lectures and classes start next week and have to double check which building they are all in, fingers crossed I'll find them! (I will, I'm just unnecessarily stressing!)
I have a touch of pink in the kitchen too
So we have moved back to our cute little three bed house, Hannah and I are still waiting for Sophie to join us here though. Her bedroom door is currently closed as it looks too empty when we walk past it. Fully prepared for fourth and final year, we look like we should be in our thirties, not still at university. We have nice wine glasses, a beautifully equipped kitchen with all the gadgets you could want and a really nice house to enjoy ourselves in. We figured that as this year will be work, work, work, we need somewhere we can kick back and relax when we aren't in the library.
There's plenty of space for the three of us
We have a great large kitchen, which is more than big enough for 3, and a kitchen table we can comfortably sit at - in second year we had a tiny table that seated 4 at a push, and there were 8 of us! All we need to invest in is a bean bag for the lounge area, as the two-seater sofa would be a bit squished if we all decided to cram on to it.
My wardrobe is just through those doors!
My room, as always, started off very bland. I have, of course, made it as pink as possible. Though the walls may still need a little something, the corner that my bed is in is too plain for my liking - I may have to head over to Photobox for some free photo prints.
Plain cream walls... what to do with them?!
The only picture I currently have up is of the group of interns before we boarded Rehab for our day out on a yacht. It makes me happy each time I look at it though, reminiscing about the sunshine and tans! I'm generally not very good (make that absolutely useless) at keeping my room tidy. I always have too much clutter and bits and bobs everywhere. But as I said earlier, this is final year and I want somewhere to relax. I have a large built in wardrobe to hide my clothes and shoes away, and brought up less junk than I normally do, so fingers crossed I will be able to keep it this way.
I wake up to the morning sunshine
Hannah and I welcomed ourselves back to Notts on Saturday night minus internet and a TV license so we ordered some Domino's, cracked open a bottle of rouge and dug out the Moulin Rouge DVD. Everybody else seemed to be out partying in Nottingham, but neither of us feel ready for that yet!
Domino's pizza, red wine and Moulin Rouge on DVD
Now we're final years, we're so classy..!
Don't worry, there's more on New York still to come, but I thought that now I have internet back in my life I should keep my blog updated as to where I'm at. You could also call this a procrastination blog... I received a couple of emails about half an hour ago with the work I need to do in preparation before lectures start next week; back to reality!

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