Sunday, 6 October 2013

Warm Winter Coats

So I realised I have had the same two winter coats since lower 6th form, when I was 17.... I think it's time to refresh them up a bit! The reason I have had them so long though is because I can just never find one that is quite right, there's always something wrong with them.

I like to have choices in coats as well, I have my smart coat which buttons up and ties at the front with a big collar, and I have a quilted jacket which I think is actually a riding jacket (I got it before they were all over the high street) and it seems to have lost its padding and is now too big for me, but this is my more casual coat. Paired with my Hunters and a golfing umbrella I look very country at the side of a rugby pitch!

I have been out scouring the web for some choices, and think I may have to go and start trying on before it gets too cold and I give up trying to replace my coat for another year running.
Winter Coats 2013
Clockwise from the top...
Warehouse Faux Fur Collar Coat // Jack Wills Lynford Coat // M&S Per Una Speziale Wool Rich Belted Coat with Cashmere // Next Short Wadded Jacket // Oasis Short Drape Coat // Joules Tweed Field Coat

Which one should I go for? Choices, choices...

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