Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Katie's Birthday in Clapham

So, last weekend my big sister added another year to her age (but she's not that old ... yet!) so I headed home for the weekend. (And I took my laptop, which is now fixed, yay, so expect some more blogs if I'm not too busy planning my life for when I graduate!). I managed to find a sneaky fast train home, so was back half an hour faster than normal and enjoyed a lovely evening with my family. Even if it did involve me claiming that Katie's birthday present was the lift I gave her at 2am so she didn't have to drive.

On Saturday, we spent some time in Berkhamsted in the morning, I went to see my friends at the computer shop - "Oh yes, it's you with the pink computer!" - and we stopped at the King's Arms for a warming drink, and some cake. Hot chocolates, coffees, carrot cake and coffee and walnut cake.
Cake and coffee at the King's Arms Berkhamsted
Lots of cake, coffe and chocolate
Katie and I hopped on a train and whizzed in to London, where she had booked lunch at the Moroccan/Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant Del'Aziz in Clapham, where we were joined by her friends. The issue was that there was too much choice on the menu! Whether you wanted breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, there was a menu for everything, and then some for the drinks. We must have taken well over an hour to actually get round to making a decision...
Del'Aziz Clapham
Bellinis at Del'Aziz
We had some cocktails to start us off, after all, it was a party! There was halloumi, houmous, burgers, wraps, sharing plates, salad... a lot of choice. I chose a portobello mushroom and goat's cheese burger, which was supposed to come in a black olive bun, but didn't... though there was some in the baskets of bread we were given, and I tucked in to a bit of salad and hot halloumi.
Halloumi Del'Aziz
Grilled Halloumi
Portobello mushroom burger Del'Aziz
Portobello mushroom and goat's cheese burger
One of her friends had organised a cake...
So much cake!
DelAziz Chocolate Cake
Chocolatey goodness
It was beautiful, and very yummy with layer upon layer hidden inside, some very tasty chocolate around the edges and swirls of chocolate ganache. It made a great desert, and dinner, and 2am snack and breakfast on Sunday. There was that much of it!
DelAziz Chocolate Gateau
Cutting the cake
Happy Birthday!
The day ended in Infernos, which Katie described to me as like a student night out but when the students have graduated and have more money. And in my opinion, slightly more sense. Or a better tolerance to alcohol... it was quite nice to go out and not see people throwing up everywhere! On top of that, the clocks went back - an extra hour in bed yay! Which meant that leaving to go home at 2am was actually 1am so we got to bed earlier too!

I also got to go and see our horsey before I went back to Notts - he's like a big fluffy teddy bear at the moment!
See what we did on her actual birthday!

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