Sunday, 13 October 2013

Handbags and Gladrags!

I always have my eye on handbags, but once I get a new one I will stick with it for a while and rarely swap around the bag I use - I can never be bothered to swap everything across from one to another, and if I have that bag, it's because I like it and want to use it.

But I can't be stopped from eyeing up what's on offer... Even if the ones I like do seem to follow a set trend in size... shape... and colour!
Handbags, Purses and Totes
Clockwise from 12 o'clock...
Aspinal Marylebone Tote // MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote // Mulberry Bayswater // Mulberry Willow Tote // Saint Laurent Classic Y Cabas Bag // Kate Spade Beau Bag // Louis Vuitton Neverfull // Longchamp Le Pliage L

My current handbag is the Longchamp Le Pliage, and it is perfect for everything! Travelling, a day on campus, a trip to the gym, the supermarket... it's such a great size for just throwing anything and everything in, and the navy and brown colour scheme always matches my wardrobe choices perfectly. What can I say, I jumped on the French fashion bandwagon. It's a shame the Neverfull, which I saw everywhere in Cannes, is a bit of a step up in price. As for my other choices... a girl can dream right?!


  1. I do love handbags, but I am so so picky and only rotate between two bags... Definitely in need of more!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  2. I am a bag-aholic, I literally have so many purses, always on the hunt for more! haha, great post :)

  3. i love the mulberry bayswater - it's so timeless and classic. my friend has one and i stare at it longingly whenever she's around, haha! x

  4. I've always wanted that Skate Spade bag and Michael kors jet-set tote.


  5. These are all beautiful! I am especially loving the Kate Spade!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  6. I have a Longchamp as well. It holds absolutely everything. But I do love the other bags you have in this post ;)



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