Saturday, 5 October 2013

That Friday Feeling

So I've now been back in Nottingham for two weeks, and it has been exhausting. There has been so much to get my head around and people to see, things to do and classes to attend, and now I have a long list of work to get done (hence last week I made the most of not having any work to do!).

Everybody I spoke to seemed to be heading out to Ocean to dance the night away, the queue at the SU office to collect tickets was pretty long, so I think most of the uni must have been headed for. But we didn't want that in our house... after two long weeks getting ourselves back in to the flow of things, plus I had a surprise 'diagnostic' translation from French thrown at me in my last class of the day, all the three of us wanted to do was have a nice evening in. (But who knew a trip to Sainsbury's could take so long? Hannah and I were in there for way more than an hour... oops.)
My view during dinner
We settled down with glasses of wine and some good Friday night meals, watched the Hairy Bikers' Bakeation - we're all fans of cooking - and then watched the World Gymnastic all-around finals. Typical students aren't we?! Nevertheless, I think it was what we all needed; I'm perfectly happy to be up and about this morning feel fresh compared to most others who will be dying in bed with a hangover!

Also, this week I got to get back on a trampoline. This is one of the things I really missed about university life when I was in Cannes, so this week I have got the ball rolling again and tested myself. Something I do get on a trampoline though, is scared - I have somersault fear! Despite the fact I can supposedly do them, I still end up with the shakes after doing one too many and being pushed... what self-confidence?! I think I'm going to kill myself! So here is a little preview of what I managed to get myself back in to in 2 sessions with UoN Trampoline Club; bear in mind I haven't bounced for over a year and spent the first session wobbling around all over the place not even being able to do a jump full turn! I'm no elite level, but I'm looking forward to getting back to the top of my form.
It's a bit blurry from an iPhone, my arms are everywhere and the ending is shocking, but it's a start at least!

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