Monday, 18 November 2013

Crumpets for Breakfast

We decided to push the boat out for Sunday breakfast. Even if we did only finish breakfast at 12:30 so it was basically a very dragged out brunch... If you want to make crumpets, allow plenty of time for it!
Baking crumpets recipe - the result!
Our crumpets!
Hannah and I had had our eye on the recipe for a while, so I cracked out my Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best recipe book and we gave crumpets ago.

It's a bit of a time consuming recipe, it needs 1 hour to rise and then another 30 minutes, see it on the BBC website here if you want to give them a go! We both agreed that the recipe could do with a touch more salt though, or use salty butter, or sprinkle some extra salt on top when it comes to eating.
Baking crumpet recipe
We also don't own crumpet rings; I stopped off in TK Maxx on Saturday and bought some pastry cutters, Jo Wheatley said they would be fine in her recipe (which we have yet to try, maybe after Christmas and deadlines have been and gone).
Baking crumpets
Makeshift crumpet rings
Baking crumpets
Toasting them away
We learnt to keep the heat down low, our first ones on a 'medium-high' heat ended up a bit burnt and we never let them cook for long enough so the insides were still a bit doughy... we thought that popping them in the oven would work quite well to keep them warm while you cook the rest and then they should cook through completely. Plus when you only have 4 pastry rings a range of sizes, it's a bit difficult to do lots of perfectly uniform crumpets all at once.

If you have the time, give it a go! If not, go to Waitrose and put some in a toaster!


  1. I love a crumpet! But my favourite time to have them is on a rainy Sunday afternoon, all warm out of the oven and buttery. Lush! xx

  2. ooh wow, i've never even thought of making my own crumpets, but these look amazing! so professional! :)
    the hobbit kitchen x

    1. I'd only advise it if you have plenty of time to spare - definitely one for the holidays! I don't have time for them at the minute with so much coursework! x

  3. I love crumpets, but I never thought to make my own!
    Probably way better than store bought ones, thats for sure.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. They were pretty good, though it's definitely a case of practice makes perfect! I think we still have a long way to go...! x


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