Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas is Around the Corner

I feel like I have been cheating on my poor blog recently, unfortunately the lucky other was coursework, and lots of it. It is finally done with though, and I am now home for Christmas. (Well, technically I'm home for a bit until I go skiing over Christmas, but same same). Which means that it is time to celebrate Christmas, and I am already 3 Christmas dinners down. One with trampolining, one with my housemates and one with family.
So here is some of my festivity in pictures! Most of them are on my Instagram, and I think most of them are actually of food... Priorities, clearly!

I was given the job of making Christmas pudding this year, how it will turn out in the end is still a mystery until Christmas day!

I pulled a snazzy leotard back on and went with Notts to the Loughborough competition and didn't do too badly (which according to everyone else was really good but you're always your own worst critic aren't you?!).

We made pizza one Friday night to keep our spirits up - after a spin class so we were allowed to indulge.

I got to open my advent calendar on the 1st, and then kept forgetting to do it as I struggled to wade through piles of notes on linguistics, the French Revolution and translation to get to the calendar.

I baked some Christmas cookies, they were great sustenance to get me through all of my essays.

We baked a gorgeous camembert in croissant pastry with apricot jam. It was delicious, and again, perfectly allowed after dying at the gym. (I think the main reason I spend so much time at the gym is so that I can spend so much time eating... bad habit?!)

Prosecco and Potter. Great mix!

We shopped for, and ate, our house Christmas dinner, I fear this dinner may need its own separate post with more pictures...

The sunrise on Saturday morning before I went home was gorgeous. (I too would like to know why I was up early enough to see that, apparently getting up at 8am after only 5 hours sleep is perfectly normal...).

I made even more Christmas cookies to give to family members as gifts.

I rearranged a few of the decorations on our tree so that I felt like I played a part in decorating it even though it went up a week before I got home.

Thanks to Mackenzie at Design Darling I returned home to these gorgeous Jack Rogers, so along with not being able to wait for snow, I can't wait for the summer either!

The Christmas cake was decorated, Katie-style.

We lit plenty of candles!

And I rearranged our nativity scene even more... who put those sheep on the roof?!

I'm off to the Alps at the end of the week for a white Christmas and some fun in the snow and am feeling far more in the Christmas spirit this year than I was last year in sunny Cannes!


  1. well done for getting your coursework finished! isn't it SUCH a good feeling?! love this post, your pictures really made me feel all festive. and yeah, prosecco & potter is probably the ultimate combination!
    the hobbit kitchen x

    1. Thanks Holly! Such an amazing feeling! Now it's time to enjoy all of the festivities :) x

  2. Oh my gosh, the food in this post is ridiculous! You've got me so hungry now - everything just looked so tasty and beautiful!

    jess | Quaintrelle

    1. Haha - thanks! I just looked at the pictures again, and not going to lie, want to eat it all again!


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