Friday, 7 November 2014

Let's Go To Cannes

Where did I go next? Of course I went back to Cannes!
Plage Macé, Cannes

I stayed with a friend who is working there, and it was just like going home. We went for dinner in Théoule the first evening, but unfortunately I have no pictures of this... But go to Les Frères de la Baie and try the tuna tartare, it's unbelievable. It's also a good place to go to just get away from the hustle and bustle of Cannes for a bit, because nobody wants that all the time. It also gives you a great view out to the Isles de Lérins just off Cannes; you can see both islands and appreciate them from a different angle.
The beach in Cannes taken from the Croisette

Drinks by the Old Port
Drinks at one of the bars lining the Old Port in Cannes

I went on a wander to admire all the yachts - you can never get bored of this even when you have seen most of them before, they're still impressive.
Yachts moored in the Cannes Vieux Port

Pre-dinner happy hour mojitos. The waiter clearly thought we were useless at French when we ordered 4 (there were just two of us), but we were getting two extras for friends before happy hour ended, I promise.
Happy hour drinks time

Dinner on the beach. Oh yes, back to VegaLuna, as I did for my 21st birthday. Compared to all the other beach restaurants this is still a cut above the rest and worth spending your money on. You have a lovely beach atmosphere, a little prawn appetiser, fresh bread rolls served to you (and you can choose from about 3 different rolls - pumpkin seed was a good choice), good food and a friendly service. Plus they will never let your wine glass sit empty for too long! All of this complete with views as the sun sets on the Mediterranean. Trust me, and go there.
The beach along the Cannes Croisette, at VegaLuna

And then I got back on the train and headed back to northern Provence...

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