Monday, 21 July 2014


So, there we have it, four years later and I graduated last Friday! It was a really lovely day, with a morning ceremony, photos, drinks and nibbles afterwards, packing up the house in Notts and handing in our keys, and dinner with the girls and their families too. Plus it was a real celebration; obviously the ceremony is meant to be formal but we were clapping and cheering all of our friends as they went up on stage to collect their degrees, and I felt so proud of all of them!
Strike a pose!
I thought it was prime time to share some snaps from the day.
Family Photo
The Heron Drive girls
Hannah's puppy stole the show!
Obligatory selfie
Degree in hand
I can't claim we were well behaved all day can I?!
MortarboardsGif on Make A Gif
The consequences of throwing your hat!
Four years, fantastic friends, fun in the sunny south of France and I can't believe it's over. On to the next adventure!


  1. Congratulations!! Graduation is always such a lovely day and good luck in whatever you're doing next!


    1. Thanks Bella! I just can't believe it's all finished - time for the big open world!! x


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