Friday, 20 March 2015

Franco Manca Sourdough Pizza, Northcote Road

What do you always need on a Saturday night? Pizza and prosecco. Always. No questions asked. So Katie and I headed off down Northcote Road after an afternoon of rugby watching (#backingblue/#AsOne sorry Scotland I feel a wooden spoon may be coming our way...) Given that last time we tried to go to Franco Manca we couldn't be bothered with the queue and went to Metro Pizza instead (also good for pizza and prosecco!), we knew were we were going!
Franco Manca Menu Northcote Road

Steering clear of the organic wines (I'm a little dubious of how they may taste...) we went for the bubbly option. Served simply in the same tumblers as the water glasses and using the menus as placemats, Franco Manca is no fuss, fun and easy. You don't have to wait long for your food either!
Burratan antipasti at Franco Manca
Accomplanied by rocket, artichoke, sundried toms and crusty bread
As soon as Katie spotted burrata on the chalkboard, we thought we may as well have a starter given it was pretty much the same price as the pizzas which are remarkably inexpensive. Served with sundried tomatoes, artichokes and strips of crusty bread drizzled with olive oil, the creamy cheese was delicious and lasted probably less than a minute. Safe to say, we practically inhaled it!
Pizza Number 5 at Franco Manca plus chorizo
The pizzas here don't actually have names, you just order by numbers and can ask for any extras you may want on your pizza. I saw anchovies and capers and jumped at the Number 5, but a craving for chorizo meant that I added that on top as well. Whether capers, anchovies and chorizo is a good combination or not I don't know, but it satisfied a craving! Katie went all out on chorizo with the number 6.
Franco Manca Pizza
My pizza

There are only 6 pizzas on the menu, so it makes choosing easy and there are no flowery descriptions to confuse you further! The sourdough base is amazing, and for someone who often gets bored and leaves the bits of pizza crust as they're just a bit dull, I ate it all! I've seen a few pictures on Instagram from Valentine's and Mothers' Day where they serve heart shaped pizzas too, special touch :)


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