Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cambridge For the Day & Catesby's Cafe

So Mum and I decided to go somewhere different for the day (make that afternoon...). After a slow start because of my stupid cold, loaded with paracetamol, pholcodine and strepsils we piled in to the car and set sail for the historic university town.

We didn't actually do anything extreme while we were there, we just pottered around the shops for a while and then headed for lunch. Ignoring the likes of Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero, we opted for a little cafe set above a little home store, Catesby's.
No need to be fussy here!
With space to seat about 15 people, the little cafe is very cute, with a simple menu - which for someone like me, makes choosing very easy. Plus I saw a group tucking in to the rarebit when we walked in and I think my mind was made up already! With cakes and tray bakes on display to temp you in, Mum and I just settled for a main course.
My lunch
A small americano turns out to be pretty large, and mum was definitely happy with her small bowl of coffee. 'Posh Pop' ginger beer with a hint of chilli helped clear my nose and tasted pretty good too!
Spot the cakes in the background
Anyone for soup?
We had rarebit and soup, the soup could have been a bit thicker but it was all very tasty and kept us going to continue our wander around Cambridge. It is definitely picturesque, especially as the sun was shining and catching all of the university buildings at just the right angle. 

However, I did think, as I was walking around that (well obviously I wouldn't have got in... My brains deteriorated with age) I wouldn't particularly want to go to Cambridge as a university. It was annoying enough when it was open day on campus at Notts and you had to put up with groups of people with no idea where they were going, imagine tourists in and around the colleges all the time.

Saying that, I was one of those tourists. Plus back in sixth form I even went on a guided tour of Cambridge on one of our French exchange trips. That's when I learnt about the Corpus Clock designed by Stephen Hawking, located at Corpus Christ College, but I couldn't tell you anything about it now. Let's say as the years have gone by I realised I should have paid more attention on hose trips as so much of the French history was brought up in my degree which I actually found interesting a few years on!
Ohhhh and I found my new bike to be. All in the aid of Joules Clothing!!

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