Friday, 7 February 2014


I love the word wanderlust, my desire to travel at the minute is just ridiculous. I think having been abroad for a year (even if it was only France), and then a trip to New York before heading back to uni in Nottingham and enjoying the cold, wet and wind, I want to go away again even more than ever!
Please don't return to sender...
Working for a yacht company certainly opened my eyes to some new and exciting destinations, and ever since then more and more places have been popping up on my radar! My list now seems to be never-ending...

I'm slowly compiling my list of places I want to go, whether they are miles away or not, specific destinations or just a country in general. If you ask me where I go on holiday, my answer is always 'France', and has been since I was little!

So, to name a few...

Amalfi Coast, Italy. A stunning coastline with colourful towns built in to the rocky landscape, just gorgeous.
Positano, Amalfi Coast | Italy
Stunning scenery
Argentina. There's something about the polo playing culture that makes me want to go, I'm sure there's a lot more to see than that but where better to (attempt) to play a chukka?

Australia. I don't know where in Australia, just that I want to go!

British Virgin Islands. Hello Caribbean, sunshine, clear seas and skies! I really want to see the Baths at Virgin Gorda, with hidden caves and pools among giant lumps of granite.
Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands ... Simply beautiful!
The Baths
Corsica, France. I know, I know. I seem to have seen most of France and I was a ferry ride away from this island for a whole year. But it just didn't happen. An island of beautiful countryside and amazing coastlines, highlighted by the 2013 Tour de France which started down in Porto-Vecchio.

Croatia. I want to go sailing around the Croatian islands. This need has definitely come from my experience in the yachting world, and Croatia has slowly become a top holiday destination. The best way to see it has to be by boat, and I want to do that by going on The Yacht Week.
Stunning blue Croatian seas
Iceland. I still find glaciation exciting, I can reel off a list of terms I learnt back during my GCSEs and a geothermal spa looks like fun!

Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket. The two of them are pretty close so I think I could do them both in one trip! There's something about the lifestyle there and all the pictures I have seen that just draw me in.
Nantucket - Cape Cod by jennyswlee, via Flickr
I think it's something about beaches and boats!
Mexico. This may be because I want to see what Spring Break is like... but also the beach life and Chichen Itza, an impressive looking pyramid of sorts.

New Orleans. I think this could make for quite a fun trip! Jazz, a historic French quarter, pretty streets... I think there's a lot of history to see here!

The Seychelles. With so many islands to explore and amazing diving opportunities, I want to wriggle my toes in the white sand now!
The 158 islands that form the Republic of Seychelles are considered the most beautiful from Indian Ocean. The archipelago included in top beaches in the world
Venice, Italy. A city made up of islands, canals and bridges, err hello? Add a handful of those Venetian masks and I think you will have one of the best games of hide and seek ever.

La Vie en Gâteaux - Travel

What's next on your list?

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  1. Great post, There are so many places on your list which I really want to visit as well!!! Mexico, Australia, Iceland... I also really want to visit the Amazon River.

    followed you on bloglovin perhaps you could check me out?


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